after ana left for her class after 10a, i made another egg muffin sandwich for breakfast before leaving myself. after picking up a skein of yarn at michael's, i went to the gas station at the intersection of mass ave and walden to fill up my motorcycle. seeing that my mother hadn't left yet, i stopped by the cafe to pick up a power drill, then went to belmont. traveling via bicycle, it took my mother a few more minutes before she arrived home as well. by then i was already out in the backyard, trying to drill some holes in the black cherry stump so i can pour more roundup into the wood. the drill bit was either too big or the wood suddenly too hard because i couldn't drill into it at all, the wood smoking at one point from the pointless friction.

i copied a bunch of movies for my mother to watch: miss granny, a 2015 chinese remake of a 2014 korean hit, about an elderly woman who one day reverts back to her 20's; and hollywood adventures (2015), a chinese road comedy that was shot on location around the los angeles area.

when my sister came home in the late afternoon to play bubbles with hailey in the backyard, i took the opportunity to do some quick vacuuming. nothing like a fancy vacuum to turn a latent case of cleaning OCD into a full-blown case.

i returned to cambridge after dinner. i needed to use the bathroom but ana seemed to be preparing to go out so i waited for her to leave. sure enough, close to 8p, she appeared in the living room with a small suitcase and said her good byes as she won't be back until sunday night. i could get used to this, not having her on the weekends. not that i don't mind her company, it's her obscenely oily cooking that's driving me nuts. if she's not here during the weekend, that means at least 3 oily dinners she won't be cooking at home and making a mess of the kitchen.

my uncle willy called me in the evening, said next week his african ambassador contact will be back in manhattan and was wondering if i had time to meet for an interview at the procurement department of the united nations building. i'm completely clueless about the job, but i'm willing to at least check it out first. so maybe next week i might be making a day trip to NYC.