i couldn't tell if ana went to class this morning, but i assumed she didn't and operated as if she was still in her bedroom sleeping. that meant not prancing around the house in my underwear and keeping the noise level to a respectable limit. i had errands to run this morning anyway, first to the post office to drop of frances' latest package, then down somerville avenue to subway to cash in a triple foot long coupon for $16. given the choice between mcdonalds or subway, i prefer mcdonalds - not because of food (i'm sure subway is healthier) but because i hate the complexity of ordering at subway. i prefer less option but greater convenience.

back at home i gathered up my things and left for the cafe. i dropped off two of the sandwiches, one for my parents (sweet onion teriyaki chicken) and one for my 2nd uncle (limited time southwestern ranchero pulled pork). while i was there my father and i went to replace the DIY 4-way splitter setup from last week with a new gold-plated splitter that arrived over the weekend.

i didn't eat my sandwich until i finally got to belmont around 12:30p. my sister followed a few minutes later to drop off hailey.

still no painting yet, although it could start any day now. today i gathered up all the equipment in the garage. for some reason we're missing all our large rollers, we just have mini rollers. instead i was busy in the backyard cutting down any stray bamboo stalks and spraying the base with some roundup i found in the garage. it's a good day for herbicide since it won't rain for the next week or so. i did the same for the black cherry stump.

for dinner my mother pan-fried a dozen chinese raviolis. when i returned to cambridge, ana was in her room. she came out around 8:30p to make herself some dinner. i asked her how she was feeling, she said she still felt a little sick. so i take it she probably didn't leave the house today.