"i'm so late," ana told me as she left the house around 11a this morning. but i don't think she was going to class because i saw her heading in the direction of porter square again. as for me, i'd already showered and finished my greek yogurt for breakfast. the weather outside was still overcast and the streets were still a little wet, but the forecast said it'd be a dry but cool day. i was going to motorcycle to belmont but my mother told me i should bike to the cafe and then together we could ride home.

for lunch i had some leftover curry pastry my sister had made. i'd plans to do some garden work, but was entirely unmotivated to do anything. i downloaded some movies for my mother to watch, vacuumed with the dyson, and watched some sports news. ana texted me in the afternoon, said she was staying with her friend this weekend, won't be back until sunday night.

we watched the us open semifinals between serena williams and roberta vinci. i was rooting for serena at first, hoping she'd win her grand slam bid, but after seeing her awful victory screams over several points, i was reminded how terrible a person she is. disingenuous, gaudy, prone to tantrums, classless, pompous, and never apologizes. suddenly vinci looked like the better underdog, especially when it seemed like the american crowd was rooting more for williams. i don't doubt williams is a great tennis player, but just from physical appearance alone, she's like this raging hulk compared to her other women opponents. i looked up her weight online, for her 5'9" frame it says she weights 150 lbs - which i find impossible, because that's almost what i weigh, and i'm not that tall or muscular. that number must be from when she first started as a teenager, but no way does she weigh that now, i'm guessing at least 170 lbs or heavier with all that muscle. so when vinci finally won, that was a great moment in humility.

for dinner i had some noodles. my parents found a wheelchair and i was playing around with that before finally returning to cambridge.

after a shower, i lounged in the living room, enjoying the peace and quiet, snacking on salty sunflowers, drinking my ice water. i became super tired and fell asleep at 9p, waking up at 11p. i had enough time to turn to FOX 25 to watch maria stephanos' last night broadcasting for that channel. no one knows why she's leaving, and she didn't give any reasons. maybe she'll find a new home at another local station. can't imagine her doing the news for another city.