going to class is not a priority for my roommate. when i woke up this morning at 9:30a she was still at home (her class starts at 8:30a). she didn't leave until 11a, walking in the direction of porter square, so i'm pretty sure she didn't go to her class at all (harvard square).

supposedly we were supposed to get a lot of rain today, so i waited all day for the downpours to come which never did. at most, maybe a brief drizzle. the temperature did drop though, hovering in the 70's, perhaps getting even lower in the evening. i tried to air out the house with some circulation, but all that insulation kept the house too warm.

my box fan stopped working last night, something wrong with the dial. i took it apart today to fix it. turns out one of the wire leads was loose from the switch. the switch itself is a little box from having the fan fall on the floor so many times, but once i stuck the wire back into the switch, the fan was working again. i'll just keep my eyes open for another discarded fan, people throw these out all the time. as a matter of fact, i'm not even sure where this box fan came from, might actually be a found fan.

ana came home around 3p. she made lunch, which made me nervous thinking of all the oil splatter she'll leave on the stovetop. in the late afternoon she went to her bedroom to take her daily nap. i went out briefly to buy some grapes and sunflower seeds.

another thing i noticed about ana: it takes her about an hour to use the bathroom at night, not sure what she's doing in there. also she goes through toilet paper at a rate of 2 rolls a week. it takes me at least 2 weeks to go through a whole roll! same thing goes with dish soap: we're almost all out, and normally it takes me almost a year to use a whole bottle.

i must've slept on it wrong, but my left shoulder blade was killing me. nothing that an advil capsule couldn't solve though.

for dinner i heated up the leftover quiche from last night. i ate while watching the patriots season opener game against the pittsburgh steelers. patriots never trailed, and the closest the steelers got was by a touchdown. gronkowski scored all of new england's touchdowns except for one (that was scored by chandler, the other tight end). malcolm butler did a good job too as cornerback covering the wide receivers, being that this was his first NFL start.

the room temperature finally dropped to 77°F but the time i went to bed.