ana came home sometime after 12p today. "oh, here is your money," she told me as she paid the rest of her rent. after some rest, she made lunch around 2p. i went out in the afternoon to get some groceries from market basket. it was another record hot day (93°F), but it didn't feel bad, especially since i knew after today the temperature was going to drop to more fall-like weather. i bought ingredients to make a quiche for tonight: thick bacon ($2.99), sweet onion ($.53), 32 oz. dragone white milk ricotta cheese ($2.99), instant pie crust ($2.89), dozen eggs ($2.49), mozzarella provolone shredded cheese blend ($1.99). back at home i already had a frozen cube of chopped spinach defrosting in the sink.

i spent most of the day doing research on how to use jquery to write a collapsible navbar that can display my archival blog posts. i didn't make much progress, still slowly transitioning back into code mode.

at 6p i went to a community garden meeting to discussion the city proposal to put a path through the garden to get to sacramento field. we met at a fellow gardener's house right next to the community garden. there was a lot of talking, a lot of ideas bandied about, but it seemed like we were just going in circle. when helen left around 7p i took that as my cue to leave as well.

i found ana getting ready to iron her clothes when i came home. earlier she did a load of laundry, washing her sheets and her fleece blanket. while i began cooking, she was ironing. she irons everything, even including her t-shirts. the quiche took a long time to cook, and was finally ready to eat sometime after 9p, which for ana was still early, since 10p is her normal dinner time. we chatted as we cooked/ironed, i even let her try some of my chinese baijiu. the quiche turned out to be a little soggy but flavor-wise it was still very good, with the amount of butter (1.5 tbsp) and cheese and bacon (4 strips) i put in. i gave ana a slice but she actually asked if she could have seconds.

when i was throwing out the trash i ran into steve coming home. i waved and said hi, "tony," he greeted me in a friendly tone, a farcry from our testy e-mail exchange last night regarding the dry garden situation.

from our conversation i know tomorrow will be a longer day for her. also this weekend she's entertaining a cousin from spain who's currently in new york with her boyfriend but are coming to boston for some sightseeing this weekend.