i got out of bed at 8:40a, used the bathroom, took a shower, had some cereal for breakfast, before leaving at 9:20a for belmont. end of the month and with the students moving in, there was so much unwanted treasures on the sidewalk. i saw a baker's rack, and 3 beautiful wooden bookcases, none of which i could carry on my motorcycle. there was some road paving at the intersection of huron and concord so i had to take a detour. nobody was home, i set up for sanding and started working by 10a.

i stopped close to 1p with the realization that i was finished with sanding. not just for today, but for the entire house. it took 2 months (i started back in 150630) but we finally finished. to think, 2 months was only 2 sides of the house. the western side was the hardest, because it involved heights and the limiting factor was the sun. i also used the wrong kind of sander: i did about 3/5 of the western side with the orbital sander before my father introduced the much faster belt sander. granted, a belt sander probably wouldn't work for some of those high places, but still, it takes the belt sander 10 minutes to sand a full day's worth of orbital sanding. sanding the northern side of the house went much faster for several reasons: lower height, in the shadows, and less cracked paint. i look forward to the painting stage, which will go lightspeed compared to sanding. weather permitting, maybe we finally finish painting the house by the end of september!

all that's left before painting is caulking and replacing some shingles. shingle work can't start until there's an overcast day since it involves climbing onto the roof. my mother came home around 12:30p, and after i took a shower, she made some noodles for lunch.

i returned home, hoping i'd catch ana, but once again she wasn't home. i went to the community garden to do some watering and harvest more vegetables. i picked 2 overripe eggplants, 2 regular tomatoes, and a box of cherry tomatoes. garlic chive flowers are in bloom and they attract a lot of honeybees, which is a shame because the growing season is coming to a close and nothing else is blooming (that could use the free pollination).

i biked to market basket to get some groceries (dorito chips and pluots). i didn't think ana was home but when i was putting groceries into the refrigerator i heard noises in the house. she was either in her bedroom or the bathroom, i couldn't tell. after waiting 15 minutes, i decided to knock on the bathroom door, which was empty, so i could take a shower. around 5p she came out of the bedroom to say hello. it was kind of weird, because she'd already been here twice, except both times i wasn't here. and she was supposed to move in last week, but was only officially moving in today. i asked her about her schedule, she said she has english class everyday starting at 8:30a, but it either ends around noontime or in the afternoon depending on the day. she took a shower and left to go have dinner with a friend in the evening. she seems to have no problems with the front door key, unlike her friend laura.

a couple of things arrived in the mail. my second cup holder came, the one that's a modified bottle cage that fits on the handlebar. the frame mount for my SJ4000 camera came as well. it's made from this flimsy-feeling thin plastic. when the camera is inside it fits pretty snug and i don't think there's any danger of the camera falling out. the included protective UV filter on the other hand, it was a bit too lose. i managed to fix it by wrapping a layer of cellophane tape around the edge of the lens; the filter fit fine after that, but i might add another layer just to be absolutely sure it won't fall off. the frame mount is useful because unlike the waterproof casing, this will allow sound to be recorded as well.

in the evening i out some LED lights (blue and violet) on the backyard porch after seeing renee's downstairs tenants do the same on their porch. i had some hot dogs for dinner, after snacking on some dorito chips earlier. ana came home around 11p; after a brief chit chat, she went to sleep, her first night sleeping in her new home for the next 3 months.