while laura was on her way to visit salem with ana and another friend with a car, i was biking to rite aid to buy a 12-pak of enemas for my grand uncle. it was embarrassing enough as it is, but i couldn't find them anywhere and finally had to ask a sales clerk. "do you know where i can find these enema things? i don't even know what they look like," i said, which was a lie, because i knew exactly what they looked like.

in no great hurry to get to belmont, i spent the early afternoon recharging my laptop before i took off, stopping by the cafe to drop off the enemas. there was a light drizzle, but nothing to be worried about. hailey was home; when i let her out into the backyard, she didn't want to walk on the grass because it was wet.

after dinner i biked back to cambridge. on garfield street somebody throw out a perfectly good baker's rack with peeling paint. i was tempted to come back and get it but i don't need anymore clutter in my place. i'm at a stage in life where i want less things, not more.

the highlight of the day was watching episodes 3 and 4 of show me a hero on HBO. it's a tough show to watch, and without spoiling it for myself through wikipedia, i already get the feeling that things will not end well. i view it more as a documentary (since it's based on a true story), and get a chance to learn something, even if the outcome isn't particularly happy.

laura finally came home around 11p. besides salem, they also returned to boston to visit the harpoon brewery they didn't get a chance to see yesterday. for lunch she had ribs in the north shore, for dinner sushi by symphony place. her plan tomorrow (her last full day) was to find a free tour of boston; i told her i'd personally take her out and show her around, as i am a seasoned unprofessional tour guide.

i'm watching the shanghai exchange drop down 10% this evening (morning in china). a tsunami of market collapse is sweeping the globe. there's going to be a lot of unhappy investors come tomorrow morning.