i went back to sleeping in my main bedroom last night, in preparation for relinquishing the guest bedroom to my visiting roommate next week. since my return from china, i think i've only slept in my own bedroom once. there are many reasons to move to the guest bedroom. first of all, it's the warmest part of the house, since it's centrally located. also because it's centrally located, i can hear everything that's going on in the rest of the house. the master bedroom is located underneath my upstairs neighbors' kitchen, so it can get a bit noisy in the mornings; the guest bedroom is located underneath their stairwell so it's much more quiet. the master bedroom is not without its charms. it's much bigger, so it doesn't feel as claustrophobic as the guest bedroom. there are also more windows, so it's much brighter come morning time.

today i sanded the front area of the house by the garage. most of the time was spent in preparation (laying down the tarps, setting up the ladders, figuring out a way to elevate the shop vac) and scraping, with only a bare minimum of actual sanding. i used the belt sander, which is hard to work with, but it sands much faster. the strategy is to go over everything once with the belt sander, then switch to the orbital sander for detail work.

i stopped working by 1pm, cleaned up by 1:30. my mother came home around the time i was finishing up (dropped off by my sister, who borrowed the camry so she could get her own car fixed). after i took a shower, she fixed me some noodles for a late lunch.

it's raining for most of the day tomorrow so i'm taking a break from sanding. i'll be using the downtime to clean up my house, including recaulking the tub and installing the new delta chrome kitchen faucet ($64) i picked up from home depot yesterday afternoon.