joel called me at 8:30 in the morning asking if i could water his garden this weekend while he's gone. i don't like it when people call me early in the morning, especially if it's not an emergency. i mean, will his plants wither away if i don't water the next few days? i've neglected my own garden plot weeks at a time, and it seems to be still doing fine. i mean, i'll water if i'm in the garden, but i'm not going to make any special effort, especially not since he violated the sanctity of my morning.

riding to belmont, i passed my father driving to the cafe in the opposite direction. i would've missed since i don't usually pay attention to oncoming traffic (too busy minding my own road and the car directly in front of me), but out of the corner of my eye i noticed someone waving from a car window and recognized him as he passed by.

i kind of had a late start, this being my last day of sanding for this week. i ate a greek yogurt for breakfast (coconut) before finally starting to sand around 10:00. i also did do all that much sanding, maybe spending half the time just scraping off the paint that now seems to be peeling. temperature was in the low 80's but there was a cool dry breeze and it felt really nice in the shade. as soon as the sun started to shine from the west, it became unbearable, and i stopped working around noon, around the same time my mother came home with some meatbuns my parents had made.

after a shower, after eating 3 meatbuns, i felt lethargic and went to go lie down on my parents' bed, where i quickly fell asleep for about 40 minutes before waking up because the room was getting hot. by that point my father was back at along, with my sister and hailey. i stayed for dinner, which was rice porridge with more meatbuns.

in the evening i watched a nova special about the history of the ulfberht viking sword, then i live streamed the latest episode of mr.robot, even though it seemed to be killing my laptop because i could feel it overheating on the bottom.

140805: sunmeng arrived at chengdu east railway station before noontime. because she bought her ticket last minute, she wasn't able to get a seat so it was standing room only for 2 hours. i myself was battling a recharging station that decided to eat one of my cards. it was her first time in chengdu, and she was dressed like she was spending a few leisurely days in the city, not at all prepared for the rough and tumble world of western sichuan where we'd going eventually.

we found a bus that took us from the railway station to chunxi lu. from there we went to the hotel, afterwards going to wenshuyuan and then back to chunxi lu, to the newly-built IFS mall.