i motorcycled to belmont, arrived by 9:10. this being friday, it'd be my last day of sanding this week. it was an unusual week in that i managed to work everyday, there was no rain days. there was a good chance of downpours in the afternoon, so i kept my eyes on the sky. it was clear blue when i arrived, but as the day wore on, it grew increasingly cloudy. my father had the day off so he was outside with me working on the house. we went to home depot first, to get some more caulk (dap dyanflex 230) and some 60-grit sandpaper. by the time we got and set up the equipment, it was already 10:00.

while i was busy sanding (today the region to the right of my former bedroom window), my father was hand-sanding the window to my parents' bedroom and then caulking any gaps. when he was done with that, he moved to the front of the house, where he put down tarps and tried to sand the shingles with a belt sander. the belt sander can strip enough paint in 10 minutes in what would take me a single day or more. the downside is it doesn't have very good dust collection, made more so by the fact that my father was using it without a shop vac attached, so there was dust everywhere. but at this rate, it'd take just 3 days to completely sand the front of the house. we may be painting again come august instead of september!

around 1:00pm the sky darkened considerably and rain drops began to fall. i was already cleaning up anyway, but now it was a race against time. however, soon afterwards, the sky sort of cleared up again. i returned to cambridge by 1:30 to wait for the impending rainstorm.

i showered when i got home, then went to star market to get some chips and grapes and frozen lasagna. i also put the cover on the motorcycle while i was at it. the rainstorms that were supposed to happen never came though.

i wasn't particularly hungry came evening because i'd been snacking for most of the afternoon, everything from healthy (a fruit smoothie) to the opposite of healthy (sweet potato chips, salty sunflowers, sour gummy bears). i finally decided to make something around 8:00, heating up a brick of lasagna in the oven, which took another hour before it was ready. i enjoyed a lovely evening of proteins and carbs while watching a bootleg of jurassic world on the HDTV.