* today's sanding region: center-center (below the tallest ladder) and a bit to the left of center. listening to mp3 player but it ran out of batteries so switched to android phone listening to a streaming 80's music radio station (much better than talk radio).

* once again, not very sweaty after i finished working, so i didn't bother to take a shower.

* aawyeah finally refunded my money for the missing foam handlebar grips

* played around with the infrared filter on my wide angle lens with the canon 60D. realized there's an IR cutoff filter inside the camera, so even with the external IR filter the images come out looking B&W and not IR

* 2nd attempt at repairing broken electric kettle: using a multimeter to test the continuity, cleaning the contact points with sandpaper, finally working now

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* prik khing curry using garden eggplants and thai basil: other ingredients - chicken breast, baby corn, bamboo shoots, cashew nuts. father stir-fried the cubed chicken first, followed by a steam simmer of the sliced eggplants. then the curry paste and coconut milk was allowed to simmer with baby corn and bamboo shoots, adding the eggplants and slow cooking for 20+ minute until they're nearly melted before adding the chicken and basil.

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* dumping out my overripe kombucha invaded by fruit flies (and their maggots). originally i planned on keeping it, figured i could just brush off the maggots. that sort of shows how far i've fallen in terms of risky food eating threshold. maggots on my food? oh, no problem, it's still edible! pouring out the aged kombucha, i was still tempted to taste it so i took a sip. so sour! i ended up spitting it out.