i could hear the hiss of downpour outside the open window of the bedroom early this morning. despite the noise, i still managed to sleep late, until 10:30, a fine start to this saturday. i video chatted with SM for about an hour, then used the bathroom and took a shower. i heated up 2 slices of pound cake in the microwave for lunch, then left around 1:00.

there was almost no traffic on the road, the city nearly a ghost town. i leisurely rode to belmont, in my particular hurry, enjoying the nice weather. i tried out the cup holder with my contigo tumbler. everything seemed to be working well until i noticed the tumbler was actually slipping through the holder. that's because the tumbler has a weird hourglass shape, not the standard taper of a cup. so if i want to use the cup holder, i'll have to use a different tumbler.

my father and i partially disassembled the broken ridgid random orbital sander. at first i thought it was an issue with the carbon brushes, but they seemed fine. then we tried to open the housing, but 2 of the torx screws were too deeply recessed to reach with the head of the electric drill. instead we opened the base, where we saw the inside of the break skirt had been well-worn and needed replacing. this would fix the issue of the sander running slow or completely stopping when sanding. the ball needs to be replaced too, which would fix the issue of the sander rotating but not randomly orbiting. the parts aren't very expensive, once we can open up the housing and make sure of the parts we need to replace, i'll order the parts. it'll be great if we can get 2 orbital sanders working, that'll speed up our prep work.

when i got back home, there were two packages waiting for me. one of the key blank for the toyota camry, the other was the remote control fob. talk about quick service, i ordered these just on wednesday. i wish my SJCAM SJ4000 wifi camera would come just as quickly; i ordered a new one from amazon on tuesday, according to them they still haven't shipped it out yet, not sure what's the hold up.

i tried out the jasmine vanilla foam bath while enjoying the latest issue of entertainment weekly (the one with psylocke on the cover).