i arrived in belmont by 9:00 via bicycle (left my place around 8:40, riding the bike with the wheel that i just fixed last night), started sanding by 9:30 after eating a greek yogurt for breakfast. in order to get a higher reach, i balanced the shop vac on top of an overturned trash bin. i finished by 1:00. my father had already sealed the wooden railing of the back steps, despite the fact that we weren't finished patching up the holes yet. he also did a sloppy job, dripping still all over the steps.

every nasturtium plant in the backyard is a different color and pattern:

snapdragons also exhibit a lot of different colors (not shown is the red variety, finished blooming already):

my father has a potted habanero bush that he maintains as a perennial by bringing it indoors during the winter. during the summer he leaves it outside where a combination of warmth, sun, and pollination produces habanero peppers. the weird thing i noticed today was yesterday i saw a pepper that was partially orange; when i saw it again today, it was completely orange! that was a quick color change.

i got dermatitis on my hands again! the number one suspect are the handlebar grips of my bike. even after i taped them up, somehow the chemicals from the vinyl grips underneath are still getting through and onto my hands. that's why tonight i ordered some new grips, a pair of cheap foam. i just want to try a different material besides rubber/vinyl. i also got a bike cup holder while i was at it, been wanting one for a while.