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today's weather was pleasantly warm, hot but not humid. it was quiet in belmont, with my self-imposed moratorium on sanding during weekends. the loudest noise was a neighbor mowing a lawn.

i tried a cucamelon for the very first time, now that many ripe "melons" are growing off the vine. i've been waiting since 2013, when i first planted them in my gardens but left for china before i had a chance to try them! from the outside, it looks just like a tiny watermelon. bite into it though, and the texture is crispy like a cucumber, and tastes like a cucumber but with a touch of sour flavor. i'm not sure what you can do with these, they're more of a novelty plant. birds seem to stay away, unlike the pea pods, which they chew up whenever they get the chance. cucamelon vines themselves grow aggressively. although i've never seen it myself, my father told me any stems that touch the ground will automatically root.

i went to go take a nap around 3:00, woke up 2 hours later. "you're up? let's go to dinner," my mother said. i forgot they planned on eating at MDM noodles, the brighton center shop we went with my 2nd aunt back in may. it's close enough that it's just a quick drive from belmont, with plenty of free parking spots (unlike allston center).

MDM noodles was mildly crowded, with mostly chinese customers, which speaks well for its authenticity. we managed to get a just-vacated table by the front of the restaurant, the wait staff quickly cleaning up so we could sit. my mother and i both got the lamb malatang noodles while my father got the lamb broth noodles. i sampled my father's noodle broth and this time i could really taste the lamb. i was suffering from allergy-related congestion the last time so i couldn't really taste anything, therefore i wasn't that impressed with the place. but now with my sense of taste restored, i change my opinion and i think it's a great restaurant. i sort of regret not getting the lamb broth noodles!

afterwards i motorcycled back to cambridge, where i waited for the start of the naked bike ride at 10:00.