uncovering my motorcycle, i rode to belmont in the late morning. my sister was at my parents' place making breakfast, which immediately makes me suspicious and thinks that she wants something. i'm not a fan of her cooking and ate just a little bit. besides, i was in belmont so that later on we'd be able to go to bin bin's house in chelsea for duanwu festival dinner. surprisingly, my sister was going to, although in a separate car. normally she opts out of virtually every kind of family event, but somehow decided she'd go to this one, although just to chat (and then leave), since she can't eat dinner because of her self-diagnosed gluten intolerance.

just 3 days had passed since my last backyard garden inspection. rabbits still seem to be in the garden despite collaring most of the plants. they did kill an uncollared sweet potato plant, which made me go around and put additional plastic collars on all the other sweet potatoes. also, despite putting up a better cage around the cucumber seedlings, it kept away hungry rabbits, but it didn't stop insects from consuming half of the seedlings. i will need to replant for the 3rd time.

my parents and i left at 3pm. they stopped by the cafe to pick up a bag of zongzi for bin bin, before we drove onto route 16 to get to chelsea. along the way we stopped at harbor freight so my father could get a special adapter for his pneumatic sprayer. i got out of the car too to look for a basin wrench that i ended up not finding. then we went to the everett costco for some supplies. it was a busy place, with 2 buses full of chinese tourists making a pit stop. my father got a new car battery to replace the faulty one in the toyota camry.

i'd never been to bin bin's place before, she moved in together with jason while i was out of the country. when i heard they moved to chelsea i thought maybe closer to the wonderland t station, more like in revere. they live in a building called chelsea place apartments, off of revere beach parkway, within a few miles of the beach. my sister was already there, and after we arrived, matthew and lili showed up.

around 7:30 bin bin brought up a video chat with her parents back in china. later on, jason did the same thing with his parents. by that point my sister was long gone, as she also had to go back home and feed hailey. everyone else left by around 8:30. after arriving in belmont, i rode back to cambridge. i had enough time to let the motorcycle engine cool down before throwing the cover on top of it, for the rain that began to fall later in the evening will continue all the way through tomorrow sunday afternoon.