* every morning i make a sandwich, and every day it gets bigger and bigger. what i really want now are sprouts. and maybe some bacon slices. or a few thin pieces of prosciutto. or some fresh arugula leaves. and some tomatoes. and pickles.

* my mother called me, asking for my help to repair my 2nd aunt's kitchen sink faucet that's slowed to a trickle for months now. i gathered my plumbing tools and decided to practice first on my own kitchen sink, which leaks a little bit from the base for a while now. i was unsuccessful with my own repairs, stymied by a 1/8" hex set screw that's been hard-water-fused and won't budge. however, good news is i found the cut off valve to the dishwasher, and the slow drip has stopped, so the dishwasher sort of just magically repaired itself. before i could leave, my mother called saying they contacted a professional chinese plumber who was going to fix it for $100 provided we supplied the new parts (a replacement kitchen faucet fixture).

* despite putting up serious fencing around RB4, a rabbit still managed to get in and kill another hot pepper plant

* erecting new fencing, making sure no possible gaps (especially around corners)

* my father luckily purchased 2 potted hot pepper seedlings from home depot when he was there earlier buying the replacement faucet fixture

* finally removed that splinter from my right middle fingertip that'd been there for more than 2 months. i used a combination of disinfecting alcohol, x-acto knife, and a tweezer. the tweezer ended up being unnecessary, since once i sliced open my fingertip, i just pried out the splinter with the knife tip