i went to the union square post office to mail out my health insurance forms (93¢). i only went there because the porter square post office is usually crowded, but there was a little bit of wait here as well, and the distance traveled seemed farther. i was going to drop off frances' june norwegian package, but i noticed a wallet she ordered had arrived yet so i figured i could wait another day or two.

i visited my community garden plot in the early afternoon to do some weeding and watering. i found wayne there watering his plot adjacent to mine; he gave me the irish good bye as he left without saying anything. i dug around with the cultivator, pulling up mostly crabgrass, lambs ears, lamb's quarters, and wild morning glories. i noticed that the mulberries haven't been falling yet, although i have found a few clutches of green raw berries.

playing around with my 60mm macro lens yesterday got me in the mood for shooting with the dSLR again, as i went through the garden afterwards looking for flowers to photograph. all the perennials i've been trying to raise from seeds were represented: columbines, lupines, foxgloves, and delphiniums (white variety). i have flowers of my own but none have bloomed. actually, the delphiniums have a few blossoms, but these first year plants are not very showy yet and nothing more than feathery green stalks. lupines won't flower until next year, and snapdragons and zinnias won't flower until mid-summer. there is also a moonflower but it's yet to even develop any true leaves. i also have some hollyhocks and columbines i need to transfer over from belmont.

i took the motorcycle over to belmont for dinner, watering the backyard garden while i was there.

when i came back to cambridge, i had to listen to steve and paul's music from upstairs. i almost wrote them a few times to complain, but they're early sleepers and by 10:00 everything was quiet again.