a cold and wet day, the rain continues on this first day of june. it was actually cold enough that boston set a new record as the lowest high temperature for the day (49 degrees).

i paid my home insurance online, which is now up to $793 for the year. the cost has doubled since i first moved in 13 years ago. a few years ago i tried to switch to a different company, but it actually turned out more expensive because they couldn't figure out the division of property for a condo unit such as mine.

i finally watched the season finale of outlander. i had the episode since saturday night, but i was afraid to watch it, sensing it was going to be a terrible dark episode concerning sexual torture. how they eventually rescued jamie seemed super easy in retrospect, something about releasing cows into the manorhouse, and it played as a comedic moment, which only made it more jarring, since the episode was so difficult to watch. i mean, if it was so easy to rescue jamie, why didn't they do it earlier, before all that torture? also, when they subdued black jack, why didn't they just kill him? nevertheless, i eagerly await season 2, sometime next year.

my father picked me up around 1:45 so i could help him take measurements of the restaurant basement. he wants me to draw out a blueprint. later in the cafe basement i picked up a turtle-shaped votive holder and an essential oil burner. also from the basement: a set of hanging chimes, which i hung in the car. it was fun at first, but it quickly turned annoying, especially on these bumpy patchwork-fixed roads, with non-stop chiming.

my merrell moabs are so comfortable, i've been wearing them around as my everyday shoes, especially when it's wet outside. without socks even, since there's this nice felt lining on the inside.

when we got to belmont we noticed that our old oven range that'd been sitting on the curb since saturday was missing: somebody had taken it! most likely for scrap metal, but maybe somebody just wanted a used range. they did not take the broken samsung multiprinter though, even with a free unused toner cartridge thrown in.

in belmont i had some leftover barbecue ribs from last night. we had dinner early, picking up a pair of domino's pizza before 5:00. we were done early enough that i got a ride back to cambridge around 6:00 (long with 3 leftover pizza slices for tomorrow).

feeling tired, i actually went to sleep in my bedroom at 7:30pm, waking up at 10:30pm. a part of me thought, why don't you just continue sleeping? it's already at night. but i still needed to brush my teeth and take a shower. these late naps don't seem to affect my sleep later at night, because i can still fall asleep pretty quickly.

for a while now i've been feeling like my nasal cavities were blocked up. i can still breath okay, but my sense of smell and taste have been affected, and those used to be my best senses. looking for a solution, i tried my neti pot tonight. there must be something wrong inside my nose because the neti pot only works for one nostril - when i tilt my head to the right. when i tilt to the left, the water comes out my throat, no matter how i hold my head.

i tried the essential oil burner, little a votive candle underneath (actually scented, but the candle is so old, and with my smell loss, i didn't really notice), a few drops of lavender oil on top. i could smell the lavender oil, but it wasn't very good oil to begin with, so it didn't really remind me of lavender. it actually gave the air a minty-like freshness for some reason. essential oils seem like a cleaner way to dispense scents in the air compared to incense, which can get smoky.