today i was trying to cool the house down and clean up the place while i was at it.

the bad thing about insulated walls is it's hard to change the room temperature. i opened up all my windows and had 2 fans running, but it still only dropped the indoor temperature by only 1-2 degrees. all this trouble could be easily fixed if i ran an AC for just a little bit. maybe this is the year where i put in my AC around june, like a normal person. finally by evening i couldn't take it anymore and put the box fan on my living room window, pumping in the 64 degrees outdoor air into the 77 degrees indoor air.

i also cleaned the house, mostly the pile of boxes in the living room behind the couch, they can go back into the closet. i also sorted some of the clothing and equipment i took with my on my trip, packed them away for the next vacation. a clean (uncluttered) house feels like a cooler house for some reason.

i installed the new version of google photos today, on my both android phone and my iphone. by uploading them online, i can now consolidate all my photos, regardless of which phone i take them with. google also does search engine magic on the photos, automatically sorting and tagging them, creating albums using information like the gps data and timestamp, plus heuristic algorithms that can identify faces and places and activities. this sort of thing would bother me in the past - letting google access my personal data - but now i've completely given myself to the google ecosystem. life is a lot easier when you accept your google overlords.

steve and paul are thankfully gone for the weekend. the house is more peaceful when they're not around. i still haven't gotten around to staining those nail heads, just haven't had time to go to the paint store to get a sample can of stain.

i left the house just once today, in the late afternoon to water the garden. i bumped into ed, who caught me in a chat trap that i wasn't able to escape from. i'd seen him earlier riding his kawasaki ninja down the street, we talked about bikes.

for lunch, a greek yogurt, followed by an afternoon dessert of spicy humus and carrots, then a brick of frozen lasagna for dinner.