i had a greek yogurt for lunch, then went to the cafe in afternoon to check out some shelves left behind by the yoga studio when they vacated the 1500 square feet commercial space. the place is so big it's nearly twice the living space of my condo, with an additional renovated hardwood floor apartment in the basement with working bathroom and kitchen. it'd be an awesome place to live, with a loft area big enough to ride a bicycle, and a ceiling tall enough for all sorts of elevated furnishings.

there were two 4ft long steel shelves, already disassembled by my father, along with a black 5x5 ikea kallax shelving unit. the steel shelves would be perfect for a growing station, so every winter i won't be forced to empty out my closet again to make way for plants.

the day was hot and dusty, as i slowly made my way to belmont. somewhere by fresh pond my parents passed me in their car as they made their way home. my sister was home with hailey, whom i haven't seen in more than 2 weeks. she made no special effort to greet me or any signs of recognition.

now that students have left boston, there's all sorts of freebies to be had on the curb, things they leave behind. my father found a portable weber Q200 gas grill, in pristine condition after washing off the grease. it was probably used once or twice and then discarded. he connected it to gas cylinder and turned it on to see how it was working. the only thing is it doesn't have a stand, so you basically have to squat down to use it on the floor. not sure when we'd ever use it, because we already have a barbecue grill, plus another portable weber grill as well (that one does have a collapsible stand).

since i put up the barricade around RB1 and RB0, no new rabbit damage to report. i was afraid the rabbits would take out their frustration and eat the seedlings in the other raised beds (like the tomatoes and peppers and eggplants on RB4) but all my plants are safe for now. i planted the remaining delphiniums and lupines on the western side of the house. i still have half a dozen snapdragons; i'm waiting for the biennial money plants behind the garage to go to seeds before i can uproot them and plant the snapdragons in their place.

i left soon after dinner, hoping to make it back while there was still daylight out so i wouldn't have to clip on my lights. back at home, the indoor temperature was 80 degrees while it was in the low 70's outdoors. i opened up a few windows to ventilate the house.