i was so drugged out last night, i was actually afraid of going to sleep, afraid that i wouldn't wake up. when i finally did wake up in the morning, the right side of my face was hurting a little bit so i couldn't wait to take some ibuprofen. the cheek was still swollen, but throughout the day the pain lessened and the swelling went did a little bit.

chatted with XL to confirm that wangyang will be working with her in venezuela next month. that's almost when XL has her first vacation (every 4 months), a 3 week return trip to china.

community garden plot (cgp):

* colder today, temperature 62 degrees

* put up the chicken wire mesh trellis with a staple gun

* planted: 1 hot pepper, 1 zinnia, 1 snapdragon (broken in half), 2 cucamelons, some moonflower seeds, some zucchini seeds, some nasturtium seeds

* 1 delphinium dried up, possibly dead from lack of watering

* rosemary doesn't look so good either, too dry, possibly dead

biked to belmont to collect lunaria (money plant) seedlings for the mid-cambridge plant swap tomorrow, saw a rabbit in raised bed 3, cornered it but it managed to escape:

transplanting the lunaria seedlings back to cambridge was a nightmare. i didn't pack them correctly (should've used old newspaper to fill up the spaces in the box) and every time i went over a bump in the road the pots would jostle and topple over. i could over ride home as slow as possible, which took twice as long as normal. when i did get back, my nose from runny from all the pollen that's in the air, but i couldn't blow it, just gently dab at it with tissues.

for dinner i used the leftover rotisserie chicken from yesterday to make some broth (30 minutes boil). i added some white ground pepper and what i thought was rice wine but ended up being rice vinegar. the broth turned out to be a little sour from the vinegar, but still edible. my nose was runny from eating this big bowl of hot rice noodle soup and i involuntarily went to go blow my nose until i realized what i was doing. fortunately it was just a few light blows so i don't think i ruptured my sinus cavity.