jack came over around noontime to drop off some gifts he got me on his recent 2 week trip to japan with his wife and to show me the photos he took. it was sort of a belate honeymoon for them, and phoebe had already been doing 6 months of research before they went. being that she's taiwanese, the overwhelming driving force on their trip was to eat, and the majority of their photos were food related (phoebe even got her mother to send her a travel book from taiwan, one that focused exclusively on things to eat). japanese food is however one of the prettiest foods, easily at some of the high end eateries they visited (some had to be booked in advance, others required lengthy waiting lines). jack showed me the photos on his microsoft surface; besides the pretty food porn, i was amazed at the clarity of the image. he was using a canon 50D his brother gave me, but the lens was incredible, bokeh up the wazoo.

during one of his smoke breaks, i suddenly realized how warm it was outside today, with temperature at 72°, the warmest it's been in nearly 6 months. it was actually warmer outside than it was inside the house. quickly i opened up as many windows as possible to air out the house.

HBO was also rebroadcasting all episodes of season 4 of game of thrones to hype up tonight's season 5 premiere, and i had it running in the background while i looked through the photos.

afterwards i showed him photos i took during my yearlong stay in china. we got to 1/3 before he had to leave around 4:00 to pick up some groceries.

i was supposed to go to belmont today and take care of hailey overnight, but my sister wasn't busy so she could take care of the dog herself. however, tomorrow night i'm scheduled to both dogsit and housesit.

i called sears merchandise pickup late this morning, got in touch with al the supervisor. he had no problems finding my item, couldn't understand why those guys yesterday couldn't locate it. i told him i'd come by tomorrow morning and pick it up, my 5th visit.

a weird eating schedule: for breakfast i had an english muffin/kielbasa sausage/sauerkraut sandwich. while jack was here, we did break open a box of ferrero rocher chocolates. after jack left, i had a craving for dorito's and went to the supermarket to buy a bag, where i then single-handedly finished it over the course of the late afternoon. i also ate a tea egg: after 48 hours the egg white is darker, but the yolk is still yellow. i decided to pour out the liquids, the eggs are salty enough as it is.

lounging on the couch in the early evening, i got tired and fell asleep, waking up at 9:00 to catch the season premiere of game of thrones on HBO (despite the fact that 4 episodes had already been leaked online). after that bag of chips i wasn't particularly hungry so i didn't bother to have dinner. in the late evening however i did eat a yogurt.