not all seeds germinated, so this morning i was transplanting extra seedlings to empty pots. mostly tomatoes, although thai basil got some transplant action as well. part of the problem was the soil in some pots were much too soggy, so the dirt became very solid. for those pots, i dumped out the wet dirt and mixed it with some drier dirt, then repacked the pots.

i planned on going to my parents' house and spending the night so early tomorrow morning i can drive them to the airport and bring the car back. part of this plan was leaving a bicycle in belmont. i didn't want to sacrifice my utility bike (i still need it for local runs) so i selected from my basement bike collection. i decided on the fuji sports 10. after pumping the tires, i wheeled it out and left. with 27" wheels (compared to the 26" on my trek bike) and a much lighter frame the fuji seemed faster. it's an old bike, so the shifter travels a bit, and every once in a while i have to shift it again to prevent the derailleur from rubbing against the chain. when the weather gets warm i may want to take a look at the alignment and try to get it fixed.

not satisfied with my efforts yesterday, i decided to take apart the panasonic zs20 once more to try and fix the focusing issue. i spent a long time analyzing the parts but i finally gave up. i'd have to send the camera back out to the panasonic factory service center to get it fixed. not sure how much it'd cost, but if it's over $100, it may not be worth it. but my father suggested that they can take it with them to taiwan and try to get it fixed there, since electronic repairs are much cheaper in asia for the most part. it was worth a try and i didn't have anything to lose. also my father noticed that one of his orchid buds have begun to bloom.

with a mix precipitation system heading in our direction, my parents were worried that their flight to newark might be delayed. that could be a problem because the time to their next flight is already tight with less than an hour; any delay would reduce the transfer time even more. my mother called the united airline chinese-language service representative, who told her they'd be able to make their flight. but how would be know? and it was just his personal opinion, nothing guaranteed. so i called united airline, this time speaking with an english representative. the woman told me they my parents could change their flight to an earlier one, but they'd have to pay $75 per ticket to make the change. in the end we decided to risk it and follow the original schedule.

i went to bed around midnight, sleeping in my sister's old bedroom. i'll due to wake up at 5:30, for a 6:00 departure to catch a 8:47 flight.