i've had my living room the same way for almost 13 years now: sofa by the side wall (underneath the hanging mirror), 2 ikea sofa seats by the far wall across from the bay windows. living in a small space, i don't have a lot of furniture arrangement options. what little i had i exercised today by rearranging my living room, the largest open space area in my house. i reoriented the carpet, moved the sofa to the center of the room, and relegated the two sofa seats into the corners. this actually made my living feel smaller but cozier. also with its new prime location, the sofa becomes the central focus of the room. moving the sofa also unblocked the living room heating grate, maybe this will improve the heating circulation in the room.

today i got serious about upgrading my skills by signing up for some coding courses online. i've been back from china for almost 6 months now, and i haven't had any work since. my museum gigs are all dried up at this point, i have to look elsewhere for job opportunities. full-time, freelance, i'm fine either way, just need some income eventually, before my savings run out again.

i biked to belmont in the afternoon. i was surprised to find hailey at the house by herself. i let her out into the backyard but she seemed more interested in going back inside to sleep.

i left soon after dinner around 7:00, when there was still some daylight outside.

a box of shoes were on my doorstep. i'm personally waiting for some photos to arrive, hopefully tomorrow.

i moved the HDTV to a more central location alongside the northern wall. this is great for watching on the couch, but terrible from the sofa chairs, where the viewing angle is too narrow. that chair by the northeast corner used to be my favorite chair back when it was up against the bookcase; now in it's new position, it's a nice place to sit during the daytime when it gets a lot of ambient sunshine but terrible for television watching.

moving the sofa to the center of the room also created a gap between the back of the sofa and the bookcase along the wall. it's kind of a wasted space, maybe i can find a long thin table to put behind the couch (i believe they call it a console table).

lupine status update: