i woke up early so i could go with my father on a 9:00 supply run. first stop was the assembly square mall, where i picked up some more seeds (delphiniums, lupines, nasturtiums, thai basil) from home depot. my father also got a dimmer light switch for their dining room. then it was ac moore, to look for some knook needles for my mother. they didn't seem to have any, but right before we almost gave up, i saw some hanging off at the end of the sewing aisle. next we went to the restaurant depot for some cafe supplies. finally, the chelsea market basket at the everett mall. i picked up 2 cases of schwepps pomegranate seltzer ($2.50/case not including deposit). these are my favorite new drink, after discovering they taste a lot like taiwanese apple sidra (carbonated "cider") but minus the sugar and less expensive.

so here's something funny: shortly after i came home, i went out again, this time to the somerville market basket. why didn't i just pick up what i needed from the chelsea market basket, which is several times bigger with far better selection? i like to browse the super market on my own time, without having to rush.

i hung up the sensor for my weather station: behind a vertical wooden beam (no sun exposure), underneath the barbecue grill of my upstairs neighbor. it took some creative threading with a piece of bendable wire to get the string over the wooden plank. i think the string is just temporarily until i can drill a screw to hang the sensor. but hanging it might be better because even though it doesn't get direct sun, the wooden deck will definitely heat up during the summer and that might affect the temperature reading of the sensor if it was up against the wooden beam.

i filled my plastic cup pots with soil. i was thinking about doing it indoors (because it's cold outside), but decided to do it outside instead since it'd make a mess.

later in the evening i watered all the pots using the reverse method of soaking from the bottom, then spritzing the dry tops with a sprayer. while transferring a tray of pots, i accidentally knocked over 3 pots to the floor. fortunately they weren't watered yet so i could just sweep and vacuum up the dry potting mix. finally i covered them with newspaper to keep them from evaporating.

for dinner i finished the last of the leftover fried chicken.