i received an e-mail from steve this morning, he and paul were off to the bahamas, be back next wednesday. first order of business today was to go out and clean off the snow pile from the sidewalk. when i was nearly finished, don came out and we chatted briefly. he said that the car belonged to a woman who just came back from a 3 week trip to india. she was thinking about hiring someone to dig out her car for her. and just as we were talking, my neighbor's son david came out of his house with a shovel to dig out the rest of the car. so it was him last night that i saw! i'd done some of the work for him, digging out a path in front and behind the car. all he had left to do was to carve out the car from the sidewalk snowbank. maybe he felt a little guilty that i already shoveled some of it for him, because he was more careful with the snow piles afterwards.

it snowed a little bit in the late morning into the early afternoon. just some flurries, the edge of a big snow system that just grazed boston as it blew out into the ocean. as much as i'd like to see us break the record for the most amount of snowfall in a winter season, i'm kind of also a little tired of the snow at this point. march will be here in a few more days, and march is a spring month! i want to be thinking about which seeds i should be planting indoors in preparation for gardening 2015.

working from the kitchen, i played around with the afbhs upgrade site a little bit more. dreamhost's wordpress kit comes pre-installed with about a dozen different themes, but you can easily add more from the library (about 1700 other themes to try out). switching out the theme is easy, but what i want to know is how to tweak the themes so i can add additional functionalities.

i lit a tibetan incense in the corner of the kitchen, an attempt at trying to add some warmth to the place, but i ended up smoking the whole house and my clothes smelled of incense afterwards.

at home all day, it's hard to keep myself from snacking. even when i worked in an office though, i'll snack out of boredom. i should invest in some gum, that way i can chew on something without actually eating more.

another packet of circulars arrived on my doorstep today. could this really be true? can i expect this every week now? all i really care about is the market basket circular, but they have mailings from other supermarkets as well, including stop & shop (not even sure where the closest stop & shop is around here). nothing from whole foods though, even though there's one about the same distance to MB. anyway, i signed up for the MB circular more than a month ago, when i found what i thought was a legit MB website that had the weekly circular online. turns out they had nothing to do with MB, and the circulars themselves were just simple jpeg scans. unfortunately i signed up for the circular before i realized the site wasn't officially affiliated, and was afraid i'd be getting a bunch of junk mail soon. but maybe it was legit after all, because i'm finally now getting the MB circular (along with a bunch of other ads).

i showered before dinner. i ate another salad, same as the one i had 2 days ago. i'm going to try and get to bed early, i started reading the secret history of the mongol queens by jack weatherford, a surprisingly quick read and thoroughly interesting about mongol culture.