i snore. it's not something that developed as i got older, i've known about it as far back as college. at the time i didn't believe it, because i was always asleep when i snored, but roommates were willing to record the noises so i could hear them. what has happened as i got older is my snoring became worse, to the point where on many occasions i've actually heard myself snoring when i was half-asleep. the sound comes from the back of my throat, like a loud purring, when i breath in through my mouth at night.

a while back i got some free sample breathe right nasal strips. i've always wanted to try them and last night i got the chance. i wasn't sure if i put it on right, and it felt a little weird on my nose. but after a while i got used to it and didn't notice it anymore. they basically gently lift the sides of my nostrils, expanding my airways, making it easier to breath. and if i'm breathing better through my nose, then i won't be breathing through my mouth, which is where all the snoring comes from.

did it work? hard to say, since it's difficult to hear myself snoring, but if i went the whole night breathing through my nose, then i wasn't snoring. i did feel like i was breathing a lot better though. if it didn't look so silly, i'd be tempted to wear nasal strips all the time.

i heard knocking around 10:15. i was still sleeping at the time, and ignored it at first, before thinking it might be my father. i got out of bed and sure enough, saw him standing at my rear door, delivering some leftover mesquite wings from yesterday. he was on his way to mayflower to buy some chicken.

so after eating some leftover wings for lunch, i went out to get some groceries. temperature was in the teens, and i wore short wool hiking socks that left my ankles cold initially before they warmed up after a few minutes of walking. i actually thought about biking down to market basket but the streets still looked dangerous. in hindsight, i could've probably done it if i kept off the main roads and took mostly shortcuts. they're for the most part clear, just a bit narrower, with no bike lanes, hard icy snow banks flanking both sides of the street, and the roads pitted with new potholes. it really doesn't take that long to walk though, less than 20 minutes.

i got there around 1:45 and the place was surprisingly empty for a change. there was hardly any lines at the checkout counters. i picked up my items - yogurts and salads, trying to stay healthy and maybe lose some weight. i always manage to get just under 12 items so i can use the express line, but i checked out at a regular counter instead because it was empty.

when i got home i brought out the trash. we're down to just a single recycle bin because the lid to mine is still frozen solid. the rest of the day went by pretty quick. for dinner i made myself a mixed green salad with half of can of chickpeas sprinkled with some parmesan cheese and with an italian vinaigrette. i thought i'd be hungry soon afterwards, but it lasted me throughout the night (i did have some ben & jerry's pistachio ice cream though). when i went to throw out the trash, both cans were filled already (even though i was the one who brought them out). i was a little bit annoyed with my upstairs neighbor, but then i thought it might've been my next door neighbor renee, who's been known to parasitize our trash bins when she's too lazy to bring hers out.