it wasn't snowing yet this morning, but a bit fell overnight. before i left, i swept the stairs, shoveled the sidewalk and the backyard (half inch of snow), and cleared out the empty parking spot in front of my house. the remnant snow piles had already hardened and i needed an actual metal spade shovel to dig through the ice. afterwards i walked down to harvard square and took the 73 into belmont.

i didn't notice it until i left the house, but my warranty replacement sandisk ultra microSDHC arrived last night. i was surprised they sent me a retail package as a replacement, wasn't expecting that, got an SD card adapter as well.

the sight of all this snow still brings a smile to my face. the amount that we've had is so incredible, the only sane way to cope is to laugh about it. the landscape has been transformed into snow mountains and snow trenches and everything is white and every week we get another foot or two of snow. the new addition now are dangerous-looking icicles dangling from gutters.

while my father cleared the snow from the front door awning, i carved out a new path from the sidewalk snowbank. i also took hailey out into the backyard to toss some snow around but we came inside when she began to wheeze. around 2pm it started to snow again, a persistent flurry that it made hard to see.

we ate dinner early so i could go home early, before it began to snow too badly. we waited for my sister to get home. she was leaving the car in belmont, but my father drove her car to drop us off because her vehicle is the only one with with four-wheel-drive.

first thing i did when i got back was to shovel the sidewalk and the backyard. i knew it was a losing effort since it was still snowing, but the idea was to get a headstart. later in the evening (around 11:00), when the snow had stopped (for the time being, until it picks up again later at night), i went out and shoveled again.

feeling particularly dry-skinned and itchy, i took an epsom salt bath. it doesn't completely heal my dry skin, but it helps temporarily. afterwards i opened up the camembert cheese i bought from market basket ($3.99) a week ago. it had the right amount of gym sock stink although i would've enjoyed even more. i've decided that camembert is okay, but i don't like the gooey consistency. my favorite cheese is still any kind of blue. i also had some babao tea.