my morning breakfast sandwich idea was put to a stop when i realized the ham i had in my fridge had gone bad. instead i ate a bowl of yogurt-granola mixed with some blueberries i got from haymarket on friday.

it'd snowed a few more inches (the official count was 4") overnight and i went out to give my new shovel a try. works well, despite not having a metal scraping edge. i also cleared out the backyard, but left the deck for tomorrow. the brunt of the snow will arrive late tonight and all of tomorrow, maybe an additional 20 inches of accumulation. you really can get mad about the weather. it's better to have a zen approach to all this snow and just go with it. maybe it's easier for me to be so chill about it because i don't own a car.

i called my father before i left the house, asked him if he needed my help to clear the sidewalk around the cafe. he said yes, so i ended up grabbing a 78 bus out of harvard square. when i arrived i discovered that he'd already plowed with the smaller snowblower. i just basically cleaned up the few places that he missed and helped him load the snowblower into the car so he can take it back to belmont for tomorrow.

weekend bus service to belmont is limited, made more so by the fact that the buses were behind schedule. i had to walk up a few blocks to catch the 72/75 bus. things would be so much easier if i could ride my bike, but with all this snow around and barely enough room for cars let alone bicycles, it might be a long time before i can bike again.

i got off at 700 huron avenue and walked the rest of the way to my parents' place, cutting across grove street playground. i did a bit of shoveling to the front and back of the house before letting hailey out into the backyard. i tossed snow with her for a few minutes before deciding to go back inside. also confirmed today was that somebody had stole one of our shovels. granted, we basically left it outside by the door so it was an easy thing to take, but still, what is the town coming to when shovels get stolen? my theory is maybe one of the many roving contractors saw it driving by and decided to take it. it was cracked anyway, but that was the bigger shovel, so i had to use clean using a smaller one instead, which took a bit longer.

watched 2 really interesting documentaries when i got home. first on HBO, the multi-part jinx, about the investigation surrounding new york millionaire robert durst. then on ESPN (via the verizon FIOS streaming app), of miracles and men, telling the 1980 miracle on ice US olympic hockey victory over the russians from the soviet point of view.