not sure if the two are tied together, but ever since i split up my high blood pressure medication (losartan before bed, thiazide in the morning), i not only sleep through the night without needing to wake up and use the bathroom, but i've been waking up earlier than usual as well. i was up this morning at 8:00, but decided to sleep a little bit more and ended up not waking until 10:30.

i really should've gotten groceries yesterday, but i didn't because i still had some leftovers (chicken pot pie) in the fridge. i went today though, but not before going through my kitchen, figuring out what i had in my inventory. for some strange reason i have an unusually large amount of pasta. i think some are mine, but some were left here by former roommates and i never threw out.

discovering all this pasta made me in the mood for carbs (hmmm, penne with vodka sauce), but at the same time i wanted to try and eat healthier, and i had a chicken salad recipe in mind (caesar salad, which isn't all that healthy considering how much dressing i use).

my box of beverage cans have reached maximum capacity so i decided to return them. do normal people really still do this? or do they just toss their cans into the weekly recycle bin? it seems kind of a hassle to get back some change. i only do it because i'm quite the penny-pincher and i have time on my hands.

i ended up getting ingredients for both salad and pasta: salad i'll eat at the end of the week, pasta i'll make for next. when i got home i spent some time in the backyard trying to figure out the annoying scraping sounds coming from my back wheel. originally i thought maybe it was the wheel rubbing against the rear fender, but now i think it has something to do with the brake pads. i'll need to remove them for a thorough inspection maybe tomorrow.

crows are making a comeback, i'm beginning to see a lot more of them these days. for the longest time i don't remember seeing any crows here in new england, due to their massive die offs from the west nile virus. maybe the virus is disappearing, or maybe these new crows have better immunity to the disease; whatever it is, the crows are back.

cereal for lunch, grilled a leftover artisanal sweet sausage wrapped in a toasted english muffin as an afternoon snack, then one last leftover piece of chicken pot pie for dinner, with a fuji apple as a dessert.

dry enough tonight to try out the ultrasonic humidifier my parents let me take with me sunday night. i put it on a barstool on the opposite end of the living room. at its lowest the nest thermostat read a humidity of 25%, but since turning on the humidifier at 6:00, the humidity has gone up to 31% (as of 8pm). the room doesn't feel as cool as it did with the dehydration (fan) humidifier, but i could definitely feel the increased moisture in my nose.