after a shower and fixing myself a simple english muffin-salami-cheese sandwich (i forgot the egg!), i went outside to scrape the slush off the sidewalk. so much for the snow, which didn't stand a chance once it transitioned to rain last night. the cleaning probably wasn't necessary since the temperature was already 39° and rising, so it'd all melt on its own, but i figured i could speed up the process. i then took my bike out of the basement and rode to belmont.

a lot of the bike lanes were covered in slush, and i didn't want to ride through the mess for fear of slipping on a hard icy patch. so i was riding in the street for most of the time, slowing down or getting as close to the curb whenever a car came up behind me, which wasn't all that often.

when i arrived in belmont i shoveled the slush from the driveway and sidewalk before going into the house.

2 football playoff games were on television today, 1:00 colts vs. bengals, 4:30 lions vs. cowboys. in the early afternoon game i didn't care who won, but in the later game i was rooting for the cowboys, even though i felt bad for matthew stafford. i wanted detroit to lose mainly because of ndamukong suh, whom i felt delivered a dirty cheapshot when he stopped on aaron rodgers leg twice last sunday, was suspended by the league, but then reinstated a day afterwards. a guy like that doesn't deserve to go the superbowl.

the rain that was supposed to fall in boston never really did manifest itself other than in the early morning. still, i kept my eyes on the weather report. as the temperature kept inching higher, a fog warning was issued, although it wasn't that bad in the city. when i left to go home, my bike was covered in condensation. the ride home was easier because a lot of that slush had melted, but i still stayed away from what slush piles did remain. fearing the possibility of rain, i stowed my bike in the basement again.