this new high pressure supplement medication they got me on, the one thing it does is it flushes out the salts from my body by making me urinate more often. for whatever strange masochistic reason though, i've been taking it at nights before i go to bed, even though my doctor told me not to. why? the past few weeks, every night i wake up to go use the bathroom anywhere from 2-3 times. you'd think i'd have learned from my mistake, but i still haven't broken the pattern yet. it's get really crazy too, because i don't want to leave the warm confines of my bed and walk into the cold bathroom. so i hold it in as long as possible, until it's seeping into my unconsciousness and i've having very strange dreams about urinating. so far i haven't wet the bed but i'm really afraid of that possibility, the way that i'm going.

i had cereal for breakfast, some market basket brand raisin bran ($2). it tasted a little off compared to the normal brand, that's what i get for trying to save a buck. what i really wanted was corn pops, but they didn't have any at the supermarket when i was there, even though i went back to the cereal aisle 3 times just to make sure.

i continued with my efforts to fix the teclast P89 G3 tablet. i tried flashing it to the original chinese ROM but there seems to be something wrong with the chinese-provided copt of the MTK flash tool. i tried using the one i used before but that didn't seem to work and i only managed to reflash the tablet with the riley ROM. i tried to change the stock recovery to CWM but i couldn't get it to flash with the MTK tool.

i biked to belmont for dinner around 3:00, left by 6:45. my amazon package was waiting for me when i got home: a lens pouch, a rubber case for my oneplus one (diztronic, flexible TPU, $9.99), and an amazon-brand indoor HDTV antenna (35 miles range, $19.99). the phone case is pretty good, doesn't add too much in terms of size. it's not so rubbery that i'd have a hard time slipping it in and out of my pants pocket. unfortunately i already dropped my phone a few days ago, watched it somersault onto the floor, but the phone itself is already pretty rugged so there was no damage. this case will provide some additional protection.

the antenna was bigger than i expected, consisting of a flexible square surface attached to a length of coaxial cable. i stuck it on the vertical trim of my living room window with some blue sticky tack. it may not have to up so high, the best solution would be to hide it behind the television itself. with the antenna, i was able to get 36 channels, essentially all the channels i currently get with my basic cable subscription, minus NECN, C-SPAN, and HBO. this proof of concept means i have no reason to keep on paying comcast to get channels i can just get for free with an antenna. however, what i really want is some actual cable channels, but without a job, and with cable prices so high (especially here in cambridge, where comcast essentially has a monopoly on cable television), it might be something i hold off on for the time being. besides, i've been back 3 months now, and i seem to be getting by okay with just regular television. yeah, a few shows i can't with normal broadcast, but those i can easily download off of the internet. i think through my particular circumstance i may end up cutting the cord for good. at the very least i can try using it as a bargaining chip when i go down to the cable office to negotiate some sort of cable tv deal.

the reason why i wanted to switch to a CWM recovery on the P89 tablet is so i can install the CWM-based chrome fix. but through my continued efforts, i did finally manage to get chrome to work by installing the libMali.so file manually. i tried it already last time, and as soon as i replaced the file, the tablet rebooted and temporarily became bricked (that was not a good feeling). this time, i renamed the replacement file, changed its privileges to match the file i'm replacing, erase the old file, and rename it with this new one. the tablet did not reboot, but when i went to go use the chrome browser after i erased the data/cache, it still crashed. but after i rebooted, it worked fine after that. i was hoping the fix would solve the google go launcher bug (voice search doesn't seem to work in the launcher search box) but it didn't. i'm almost done tweaking this tablet; i may want to try installing the stock chinese ROM one more time, i sort of like its tUI interface, especially their dynamically functioning icons (although it's weird in that it doesn't have an applications panel).

throughout the day i was watching season 4 of the wire marathon on HBO. not sure if i'll watch as much as season 5 tomorrow, that's the weakest season. not watching gives me time to go out and do other things instead of being held hostage at home due to tv!