maybe i should be thankful that the temperature is as warm as it is and all this rain we've been getting isn't coming down as snow. but a part of still kind of want to see some snowfall at least, it is winter after all. be patient, we'll have our blizzards soon enough, it's only a matter of time, winter is just beginning.

lunch: heated some homemade bread, added some honey ham and swiss cheese and honey mustard. that bread crust sure is enough, one wrong bite and i fear it'd cut the roof of my mouth. but so far so good, i've had a lot of practice with eating, this ain't my first rodeo with tough carbs.

my mother was in a panic about health insurance and asked me to investigate whether we were supposed to sign up today. i couldn't register an account in the mass health connector website, and i didn't want to bother calling, figured the phone lines were jammed with similarly distressed residents looking for health care answers. my personal theory is we don't update until february; besides, nobody has gotten any mail yet regarding signing up for next year's coverage.

i keep such a weird schedule now, or more accurately, a weird non-schedule. for example, i slept from 6:00 to 9:00. what do you call that, a nap? a presleep? i wonder if this is going to keep me up tonight. but last night i went to bed around 5:00, not even sure how it happened. i think i was in bed finishing the last episode of fargo and was so jazzed i was then endlessly surfing the web from bed and streaming videos.

in no mood for anything elaborate, i was inclined to simply heat up a can of soup for a late dinner, but heating up some tortellini with some pasta sauce was only just a bit more involved and far more delicious than canned soup so i did that instead. afterwards i brought out the trash during a brief lull in the rain.

the only constructive thing i did today was to fiddle with the teclast P89 G3 tablet pc. i managed to root it. i used the recommended windows app root genius (v1.8.x), and after several minutes of turning the tablet on and off, it finally told me it wasn't able to root it after all but recommended a manual method. i clicked on that button, which opened to a chinese website. it looked like it was for a newer version of root genius (v2.1.6.1) so i clicked the button to download it. after i installed it, i was able to read enough chinese to click on a button for easy root access. after just a minute or so, it finally rooted the tablet (i took a screen grab and sent it to SM for translation confirmation).

unfortunately, even after rooting, the P89 G3 was still experiencing the same problems: mainly, it can only access certain google services. i can open chrome, but the app crashes the minute i search for anything. likewise, i can install the google now launcher, but when i try to search for anything, it says it can't connect to the server. but now that i have root access, i can install a different ROM which may finally open up whatever it is that's blocking google access.