i'd only just returned my old nest thermostat to amazon late monday, so imagine my surprise when the replacement nest thermostat arrived this morning - in less than 48 hours! installation was simple since i'd already done it before. i waited for the thermostat to cool down first though (it must've been very warm in the delivery van, thermostat read to° when it's in the low 60's in my house), even going as far as putting it in the refrigerator to make it cool faster.

i turned the electricity back on downstairs and plugged the thermostat into the backplate. after setting everything up, i checked the thermostat temperature: a respectable 61°, which matches the temperatures i have in my various thermometers by within 1° difference. only time will tell how accurate the thermostat is compared to actual room temperature.

i got confused: i thought i was supposed to help lisa assemble her new desk, but when i reread her e-mail, it said the parts wouldn't arrive until tomorrow. so i went ahead and had some oatmeal for lunch.

around 2:00pm i removed the fermenting dough from top of my refrigerator and folded it up into a ball to let it rise before baking. i was going to bring the finished bread to my parents' place but i didn't have enough time, so i left it to rise (back on the refrigerator) while i made my way to belmont.

i left around 3:30, which meant i'd see the start of sunset. midway, i actually stopped at a park to check out the colorful clouds forming in the sky. this gave me a chance to try out the 13MP camera on the oneplus one. from the 5.5" screen the images seemed pretty clear. the lens on the OPO also seems to be very wide, not sure what the angle of view is. because of the overexposure from the bright sky, i used the HDR function.

my parents were making chinese dumplings tonight, with fresh dill leaves as the secret ingredient. before dinner, my mother was busy knitting a children version of an earlier hat she'd made with leftover yarn that a customer wanted.

i got home by 8:00, preheat the stove with the dutch oven to 450°F for half an hour before dropping in the risen dough. it had puffed up considerably since this afternoon. normally the rise is only supposed to be 2 hours, but i had it at 6 hours. i baked it cover for 30 minutes, then took off the cover and baked for another 20 minutes.

the bread came out okay, not as puffy as i'd like, but i think that might have something to do with old yeast. at least i compensated by having longer ferment/rise periods. i also didn't add enough salt, the bread was a little bland.

it was warm enough outside that i didn't turn up the heat, leaving it at 60°. so now sure yet how the new nest thermostat operated under heating conditions.

finally, i started watching fargo, the series. saw some good reviews, plus my friend alex had already seen it, figured i'd give it a go.