i was down in the basement investigating how my old thermostat cable is connected from the thermostat on the first floor down into the furnace. i noticed on the control board of the furnace that there are actual additional connectors for Y2, G, and C cables. if i go ahead and upgrade my thermostat cable to 5 cables instead of the current 2 cables, that means i'll be able to take advantage of these extra connections. i think at the very least i can switch on the furnace fan without turning on the heat, kind of like a poor man's central air conditioning during the summer months.

i was going to ride my bike up to the somerville home depot, but my mother wanted to get more yarn from ac moore so she could give me a ride in the afternoon after work. she brought along my 2nd aunt as well so we could individually use a 50%-off-one-item coupon.

i went to home depot first, my mother and aunt waiting in the car. i was going to buy some nuts for my bike light bracket but i forgot to bring the screw for a fitting. a package of 50ft 18/5 thermostat cable was $21.58, more expensive than the $15 price i saw online (later i checked, the online price was a web exclusive, but the item wouldn't be available until the end of the month). i also got a 100pak package of wire staples for $2.91

after a yarn run at ac moore, we went next door to the christmas tree shop to do some browsing. they still had those bormioli rocco fido jars, but fewer selection and placed on a high shelf in order to make way for holiday items.

as my gum is still healing from the tooth extraction, my dentist told me i couldn't drink anything carbonated. that even rules out seltzer water, my usual favorite if i want something cold and refreshing. i ended up going to star market and buying a carton of almond milk on sale ($2.99). i've never had almond milk before, it's actually not too bad. i drank that while having the rest of my leftover fried chicken for dinner.

i finally finished the hollow book i'm giving my sister as a belated birthday present. i was very careful with the cutting, going through a total of 4 x-acto knife blades. i also starting cutting from the back as soon as i reached the midway point of the book, so it'd finally meet in the center. it took me just little over an hour to cut through final half the book, so i wonder why it took me so long to get through the first half? i glue-sealed the inside of the pages and attached it to the back cover of the book.