the day after thanksgiving feels like a sunday but it's actually just a friday. my tooth's been hurting me so i called the dentist to make an appointment but i'm assuming their office was closed because nobody answered the phone. i spent the day scouring the internet for possible bargains. surprisingly, i bought nothing, but i did think long and hard about the one plus one smartphone black friday deal (no invitation required, free to purchase this weekend). i'm seriously tempted to get it, but i wonder whether it's because of the exclusivity of this device or is it something i really need. i like everything about the phone: from the cyanogen OS, to the amount of fancy hardware packed inside, to the price ($350 for a 64GB version). the 2 things i don't like are the 5.5" screen and the midrange phone camera. the screen size i can live with: i use a 5.0" screen right now, and half an inch isn't all that much bigger; i've also never used a phone with just one hand, so it doesn't faze me that i need to use 2 hands to operate the screen. but lackluster camera is the deal breaker.i'll give it some more thought, i have this weekend to decide (hopefully they won't run out stock).

i think last year i was doing some black friday shopping, but i was in china at the time. i think that's how i ended up snagging a laptop for my father. i also bought a USB 3.0 thumb drive which i thought i'd be using when i got back (thinking it'd be fairly soon, not one year later), but my sister ended up keeping it for herself.

around 4:00 i set out for belmont, first visiting my parents at the cafe to help my mother create an account so she can buy a few fleece jackets off of the uniqlo website. the sky had the makings of another spectacular sunset, but by the time i left the cafe the sun was nearly set, the sky devoid of any coloring.

my parents came home around 5:00. my mother went to go ask tang tang's friend when she was expecting to pay her back for the $300 worth of things she bought using my credit card, and also when she'd pay her rent. she didn't have enough money and would get to get her father to wire her the rest when she goes back to school on sunday.

for dinner i had some leftover turkey rollups while everyone else at rice porridge. afterwards i helped my father disassemble the dining table back to its smallest size before riding the bike back to cambridge. it was cold enough that i was experiencing an ice cream head ache for the first few minutes of the ride.