it was supposed to snow today, but most of the day was rain that transitioned into sleet pellets. by the time it started to get dark the white stuff started falling but it was too little too late, the ground already thoroughly saturated, the snow becoming slush at best.

besides waiting for the snow to fall, i really had nothing else to do. i'd work on the blog, surf the web, watch a little movie, then repeat. i got to play around with the infrared thermometer some more. this time it worked better because it was actually cold outside. like the area by my back porch door, some spots registered in the lower 50's. i rolled up a towel and used it as a door snake, which contained the leak for the most part. the areas surrounding my hot air registers were naturally quite warm, with temperature hitting the 100's.

my tplink TP-WR841ND v9 wifi router arrived today. i wasn't really in the market to buy a new router, but the one i use is an old purple linksys WRT54g that i upgraded to DD-WRT. it's only wireless G and ever since i upgraded, when i download anything large the wifi will refuse to connect afterwards and i have to restart the router. i don't think a wireless N router will be any faster (that's already set by comcast) but maybe it'll be more stable. so when i saw the TP-WR841ND (with detachable antennae) for just $15 (after $5 rebate) i couldn't resist. it was painless to set up, crammed into my server closet. i haven't really noticed any difference yet, i guess only time will tell. i was going to upgrade the firmware but decided to hold off, figure if it ain't broken, don't go fixing it yet.

i got some greek locanico sausages yesterday and i've been eating it for both lunch and dinner. not sure what i'm tasting, but it's definitely different. i don't know if i'd get it again though, there are so many other sausages to try out! lunch was oatmeal, dinner was a rice and bean pilaf.

i finished watching predestination (2014), a time traveling thriller starring ethan hawke and newcomer sarah snook. there were elements of looper and gattaca, and although some of the plot points were fairly predictable, there were still some surprises. i don't know why this movie didn't get released in american theatres, but it's a strange movie to sell, especially since revealing too much can spoil much of the surprises. but i liked it, worth checking out if you're into that genre.