today marks the official 3rd week that i've been back in town, and i finally cleaned up my living room. the primary reason was the furnace repairman was arriving tomorrow, but a clean up was long overdue. my father dropped off some hangers around noontime, so i was finally able to hang up all the dress shirts i bought in china. i also did a load of laundry, and vacuumed and swept the floors. the last 2 months before i came home, i actually had someone staying at my place, the 19-year old daughter of a shanghai friend of someone from my aunt's church. i believe she was taking summer school classes at MIT and needed a place to stay. i never met her, but i do know she had very long hair because i keep on finding strands everywhere. she also did some oily stir-fry cooking (even though my parents asked her not to) because there was a film of condensed grease on my kitchen floor when i returned home. and yeah, she scratched up my pots and pans, but i've had so many past roommates whom done the same that i take that as a given now. she must've had a guy friend over a few times because there were urine stains on my bathroom carpet. so basically a lot of little things adding up that made me sort of annoyed with her despite never meeting.

i left the house just once, in the late afternoon, to pick up some groceries from market basket. it was hot again today, with temperature in the 80's, but a mess of ominous clouds up in the sky meant storms were coming. i stowed my bike in the basement and dragged out the trash.

one thing that still bothers me since i've been back is finding where everything is. i put a lot of things away before i left last year, but now that i'm home, i've sort of forgotten where i put them. i found most of the things i was looking for, with the exception of my battery charger and a whole set of batteries. i can't for the life of me remember where i put them, and i don't have the stomach to dig through my stuff to look for them either.

lounging around on the couch, i fell asleep around 6:30, waking up sometime after 8:00. napping makes me nervous because 1) i've always identified it one of the hallmarks of a lazy person, and 2) only old people take naps. but i'm still treating my time back as a type of recuperation so i shouldn't be too hard on myself.

i woke up and heated some toaster oven pizza for dinner while watching a nature special on PBS, followed by some documentaries on public sanitation and the invention of time.