i woke up yesterday around noontime. nothing too strange about that, maybe i slept a little late, but i did go to bed at 2:00am the night before. however, i felt sleepy enough to take a nap around 4:30pm and ended waking up arount 7:00pm. that was my undoing and the rest of the night i could only catch about an hour of sleep before finally giving up this morning around 8:00am. despite being relatively normal with my sleep when i got back to the US, i managed to give myself jetlag. the good thing is i didn’t sleep at all today which means i won’t have any problems falling asleep tonight. in fact, it’s taking me a tremendous amount of work just to hold it together right now because all i want to do is fall unconscious. if i close my eyes i will fall asleep.

a second day of rain, this time bit heavier and consistent compared to yesterday. since i was up anyway, i made myself some breakfast and went to the bank in union square to get a new debit card (my mother can’t seem to remember where she misplaced mine while i was out of the country). the bank visit went very fast, but riding in the cold rain wasn’t very fun and once i got home i never left.

i finally emptied out the 2 suitcases that’d been sitting in my living room for almost a week. the living room is still a mess but at least the suitcases are out of the way.

my driver license unexpectedly arrived in the afternoon. they said 5 days but i figured they meants business days and i wouldn’t see it until friday at the earliest. i think my photo looks dorky but most people aren’t in love with their license photo either. better than my old photo, the one where i look like an escaped convict. at least i shaved for this one.

my parents dropped by in the afternoon after work. i gave them a slideshow of the best of huashan (from 2 weeks ago) followed by my small collection of 3D china photos (as far back as may 2014 when i went to zhangjiajie).

approaching 6:00pm we went to dinner at the burger joint around the corner. they’d never been there before and i was craving a meaty american-style burger.

afterwards we came back, where i managed to finish my slideshow before they left.

i’m going to prepare for bed now.