i went to work an hour early this morning. the official reason was to catch up on a backlog of e-mails while i was away on vacation, but the real reason was i didn't feel like seeing xianglian at the bus stop. that meant waking up at 5:30, despite having gone to bed last night sometime after 2:00.

the fantasy that played out in my mind was XL would be worried that she didn't see me at the bus stop and when she got to the office would come looking for me and profess how she missed me this whole week and invite me out for dinner. none of this happened. the only people who registered any kind of welcome were the people in my department and those sitting around me. XL did come by my desk in the late morning, but only to get me to sign the new timesheet. maybe she asked how my vacation was, but only in the most perfunctory of ways, such that i didn't even remember. i treated her to some snacks: the fern gummy she didn't even bother trying, the rice cracker candy she took a piece then asked if she could throw it away because she didn't like it. i was cordial, friendly, even flirty, but it was all an act. nobody makes me feel worse in the office than her.

i QQ chatted with zengfei, chided her not to worry, that i was at work despite not being at the bus stop this morning. she told me she was moving this afternoon, to go live with fengya. this was just cosmically weird: the girl i sort of like living with the girl i used to like. however, this move means she'd be on the other side of town, so i won't see her at the bus stop ever again. mornings now will suck even more. but at least next month ZF will be moving to the procurement department.

i found LXL scanning receipts for her contract work in the afternoon. she asked when i'd be demobilized, i told her at the end of june. she said she was planning on leaving around that same time, despite the fact that she's scheduled to work until the end of july. she wanted to go on a vacation as well, and i've sort of casually mentioned western sichuan to her before, and she expressed interest, and she repeated her interest again today.

i told the medium bus home, purposely so i could avoid seeing xianglian. i was looking forward to going home because i had some leftover fried chicken waiting for me for dinner. as i took a quick shower, i downloaded the last night's episodes of game and thrones and mad men. i ate my chicken while watching GoT. that's when sunmeng texted me, asking me if i'd be interested in taking a walk. i said sure, but it'd have to be after i finished dinner. she said she could come over instead. i said sure, quickly finished eating, then cleaned up the apartment a little bit.

she ended up hanging around until 10:00. i found out earlier she quit her teaching job last friday, after a coworker basically told her she wasn't welcomed there. the manager was apologetic, but didn't want to play sides, so sunmeng decided to quit instead. she also fed me some office gossip, told me how one girl had an office affair and ended up getting an abortion.