i went into the office on full tilt this morning, until i realized it was saturday. saturday, the one day of work where i try not to do any work. it was unusual in that everyone was back from their respective may day vacation. employees on the chinese half of the consortium got only one day off, while many people from the korean half got 2 days off. but today everyone came back to work, or not work, as the case may be.

i was actually sort of busy, attending various impromptu meetings to discuss issues claim-related. that made the day go by faster than usual.

after lunch i found xianglian outside under the canopy of the front entrance, avoiding the rain that'd been falling throughout the day. i asked her if she wanted to go to yuanboyuan with me tomorrow. she declined the offer, her excuse being the weather would continue to be wet tomorrow. later i sent her a text message saying i didn't care what i was doing tomorrow as long as it was with her. i didn't hear back from her.

i got mr.lee's blessing to go on my vacation the week of the 12th. "why you no go with a girl?" he asked me. i told him i'd try my best to find one to go with me this time.

after work i waited for xianglian outside the office. i was standing out in the rain even after everyone had already climbed onboard the bus. i sort of got the message that she wasn't coming out or had already left. "are you busy tonight?" i texted her while our bus pulled away towards town. she replied a few minutes later, "i'm in yangjia," which is the neighboring town. it didn't bother me that she had evening plans, but i was kind of angry that she didn't tell me and i waited outside 15 minutes waiting for her when she wasn't even there. it put me in a bad mood the rest of the night, and made me feel vindictive, like maybe i want to tell her i sort of don't want to go on my vacation with her. i sent her a sad emoticon text as my final message, no response.

i got off the bus with lihui and ended up having dinner with him at a stone bowl restaurant. i paid RMB$58 for 2 main course and a soup. a bit on the pricey side for something that was okay but wasn't particularly delicious, but i'm glad i had the opportunity to eat at another new restaurant. while lihui went home afterwards to take his online english language listening and speaking class, i went to go buy some duck collarbones.

the rest of the evening i was waiting for xianglian to text me but she never did. it looks like she really won't be coming with me to chongqing tomorrow. i don't get her at all. she has a funny way of showing she likes someone.