it would've been a good day to skip work: not that the weather was nice (it was a little rainy) but simply because my korean boss had a rare day off today. but i came to the office anyway since everybody else was coming in. i planned on retroactively writing some blog entries, but even with 10 hours i still wasn't very motivated. i spent most of my day leisurely updating our change log.

in the morning xianglian sent me a crying-face emoticon. when i asked her what was wrong she said she was sad in her heart. i didn't know what that meant so she explained she felt depressed because so many people were leaving the project as it began to wind down. did she mean myself included? but soon afterwards she said she was okay again.

in the afternoon xianglian invited me to go out with some of her coworkers for sour sweet rice noodles after work.

while waiting for the buses, XL basically ignored me. that's how she acts with me when we're at the office, i'm kind of used to it by now, but it still feels a little awkward. i was prepared to take a different bus back into town but at the last second XL called out to me, "are you coming with us? take this bus!"

along with XL there was mahui, juwan, and LXL. we went to the sour and spicy noodles place they always go, on the other side of the chongbai mall. while XL went to go get money, the rest of us went cut through the mall to use the bathroom. that's where we saw the circus, for yet another night performance. we checked out the tiger and the lion before we left to meet up with XL at the noodle shop.

while XL ordered food for us, mahui went next door to the duck dispensary to pick up some duck collarbones, feet, and wings. since it was a bit wet and cold outside, we managed to find a place to eat inside (which only sat about dozen people maximum). XL ended up paying, nobody seemed to want to get the check, i was trapped behind the table so i couldn't get out and grab the bill.

afterwards XL convinced us to go across the street to go dancing. none of us wanted to join in with the dancing ladies, but XL gave us her purse and jacket and jumped into the group. LXL and i joined a little bit later just for fun, but ran back out before the song ended. i've discovered that the two halves of my body don't coordinate well with one another; if the top part is moving, the bottom part will suddenly stop. i can't seem to move both at the same time.

XL wanted to keep dancing, but when everyone decided to go, she left as well. not sure if she was angry, but she took off in a different direction without saying good bye. i caught up to her at the intersection waiting for the light to change, but she walked so fast, i could hardly catch up. "good bye," she said, as she turned down the pedestrian pathway to her apartment.