i went to bed last night at 2:00, slept for 6 hours, woke up around 8:00. i had time before i was to meet SM at the changshou north train station at 9:40, so i went about my morning business at a leisurely pace, frying up 2 eggs for breakfast before i left the apartment at 9:20.

it was a little damp this morning, with just a slight drizzle. the weather forecast said today would be cloudy and sunny, nothing about rain, so i was still optimistic it was just a passing event. i've been to the train station before so it's pretty routine. on the bus i got a text from SM saying she was running a bit late and asked me to wait for her at the station. when i arrived, i waited in long line, hoping she'd get there before i reached the counter. i watched as a man in a suit cut the line. people were complaining, but he told them he was just picking up his ticket and it'd only take a few seconds. i added my voice to the fray. "don't you know how to get in line? i'm just picking up a ticket too!" but of course he ignored me. to be fair, line cutting happens with less frequency than in my past visit to china, and when it occurs now, it's usually in more remote parts of china (far away from the city centers) where people can still get away behaving badly. in a country of 1.3 billion people, it's sad to say, but its the assholes who tend to get ahead in life because they don't care about anybody else.

* train ride to chongqing
* nanping plaza - wanda shopping mall
* "bridge crossing" noodles for lunch - SM finds hair in her noodles, we get our money back
* taking the 384 to nanshan mountain
* sneaking in to the see the golden eagle summit
* jiefangbei to visit the bookstore
* taking the bus back to changshou; bumping into zhangling on the bus