as we approached the office this morning, we saw the aftermath of a motorcycle collision at an intersection. it's the second time i've seen 2 motorcycles hit each other at this same exact location. you figured they'd put up signs or install traffic lights (maybe they do, but not everyone follows traffic safety laws). a man was on the sidewalk with a cut on his forehead, a woman was a few meters away with some cuts and abrasions of her own. i wanted to get off the bus and help because it seemed like the right thing to do but nobody else on the seemed to be thinking the same thing. i also wanted to help because i've been through 2 motorcycle accidents of my own, so i know what it feels like to be on the ground, your body all bruised up, your motorcycle in pieces scattered across the road.

i briefly texted xianglian this morning. i wanted to know when she was leaving for chongqing. she said later this afternoon. that cleared up my evening to maybe invite some other people out to dinner. and by other people i mean my new qq buddy WWY, and her bevy of pretty lady friends. i'm not sure how to breach the subject without totally sounding like a dirty old man though. "hey, wanna go out to dinner? and please invite all your pretty friends too."

i've been eating lunch with wangyan more and more. she's gotten over her fear of me, especially now that her friend yuwei is gone for good. she really has nobody else to sit with during lunch, and since she's a slow eater like myself, she's usually still eating after everyone has already left. thing is she's one of the most stylish girls in the office, and i must be the envy of many guys at work because i get to eat with her everyday. when they leave, they give me these raised eyebrow looks that i've since learned to ignore.

the temperature soared to 84 degrees today. i didn't realize it was that hot because i didn't go out after lunch but in the afternoon i moseyed outside and it felt like summer for the first time. i for one welcome the hot weather. i work in an air-conditioned office anyway so it doesn't bother me too much.

at 4:00 i hit my wall, despite being still full of energy an hour earlier. something about inputting numbers into tiny excel spreadsheet cells that can quickly make me feel sleepy. i didn't drink any coffee though. sometimes it doesn't work, and if it does work, i'm afraid it might give me insomnia later in the evening. i also have some very strong and sweet ginger tea i could also try.

after work i returned home and went to the supermarket first to get some udon noodles and yogurt drink before changing clothes to go out for a run. i saw the contract department with some cost control people (including my frenemy guo) going out to dinner together. i walked right past them, none of them thought to invite me. that slight gave me fuel for my run. fengya didn't go with them however; i've noticed her relationship with guo has soured, and i usually see her hanging out with her roommate and her friends. in fact, going to the supermarket, i was walking behind them as they were going to the same place.

the run was warmer than usual, but not too bad, since it was beginning to get dark and the temperature dipping a little bit. i struggled and almost stopped running prematurely, but years of running has given me a bit of endurance and i managed to finish 10 laps for 4000m. i went home still wearing my tank top, but it was soaking wet with sweat.

after a shower, i washed my running clothes and prepared dinner, some udon noodles, some cabbage, the rest of my chicken soup. i also added some chinese smoked pork to give it some more flavor. afterwards i finished a plate of sliced tomatoes (3 total) with dried prune powder. once again, i didn't think i could finish, but no harm can ever come from eating too much tomatoes and i finished it all eventually. afterwards i was ironing my clothes topless while texting sunmeng; we made plans to go see a movie tomorrow night.