i tried to go to bed early, and i was pretty much in bed by 10:00, but still, i didn't go to sleep until 11:30, and i spent some time tossing and turning, so i'm not sure when i finally went to sleep, most likely sometime after midnight. this of course makes me sleepy at work come the afternoon, when there's a long 5 hour stretch of work until 6:00. besides being sleepy, i also can't stop snacking. this morning i weighed myself and i was at 142 lbs, more than the heaviest i've weighed back at home. it's no surprise why this happened because i'm pretty much a non-stop eating machine. sure, i exercise, but the few times i run per week can't offset the volume of calories i consume daily. sugary and salty junk food too, nothing nutritious at all. i fear my lab results once i go back home and get a physical.

* XL invites LXL to come to maocai with us as well
* XL gives me presents: fermented tofu and dried radish
* after dinner we walk to yonghui supermarket
* coming back from yonghui with XL, we bumped into FY and some of her girlfriends. it was kind of awkward but i greeted them friendily.
* XL and i walk back, she gives me an additional present: a half cent paper bill from 1953
* black shirt sleeves can't be rolled up because tailor used a simple way to shorten the sleeves

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