i played hooky from work today so i could make some korean kimchi in the morning then go visit changshou lake in the afternoon. i also visited the paocai lady at the market and gave her my contact info for the "tall and pretty" chongqing girl she wanted to introduce me to.

people always tell me to go to changshou lake and everyone at the office has visited before. i never cared much for this man-made lake (actually a reservoir) turned into an artificial park, but figured i should at least take a look before i leave changshou. i picked the perfect day to skip work, the weather was hot enough that i didn't bother wearing a jacket and even got a slight sunburn on my face. the only bad news came when i was coming home and discovered the zooming mechanism on my 18-200mm lens was busted. so looks like this sunday i'll be going to chongqing to find a canon repair shop that can fix this.


i tried the green eggs i bought from yonghui supermarket last night (RMB$18 for a dozen). green eggs are smaller than normal eggs so i ended up frying 2 eggs for my egg & yak meat sandwich. i can't really taste the difference. maybe i should try the eggs alone to see if there's anything special about them besides the eggshell color.

hungry from all the walking, i cooked up some frozen chinese dumplings for an early dinner at 5:00. i probably should've just used half the package instead of the whole package, because i only had one small pot and the water kept on threatening to overflow. the dumplings ended up being undercooked but i still managed to eat half anyway. i had the rest for a late night snack around 10:30, pan-frying them a little bit to give it some variety.

xianglian texted me in the evening. she actually texted me around 9:30 but my qq app didn't update with the new messages until 10:20. we chatted a little bit before she had to go to sleep.