another busy day at the office. XL came around a few times, but i was too busy to play. owner dropped by asking for timesheets for a few randomly selected individuals, i rushed to get them finished after lunch. lihui helped me return my vest (for an exchange), a courier came to pick it up, all for just RMB$10. when i finally had some spare time, XL was nowhere to be found, busy attending meetings.

my order of a pair of pants and a shirt arrived today. the problem with buying clothes online is you can't try them on for size. i sat next to XL on the medium bus. if these clothes needed to be altered, it'd be a lot easier to get it done immediately after we got back into town. and to do that, i needed to try them on. XL thought i was joking but realized i was serious when i took off my old shirt to try on the new one. the shirt was well made, but just a size too small. next came the pants. i have no problems dropping trousers in public, and XL was egging me on, said i could ask her to do anything if i dared to try on my new pants on the bus in front of everyone. i ended up chickening out, didn't want to be known as the guy who couldn't keep his clothes on on the bus. ZF sat across from us, and i felt bad we were flaunting our good time.

i went home to try on my clothes. the shirt fitted like a glove, but tight enough i couldn't easily move my shoulders. the pants were fine, not a stretchy fabric, but seems pretty durable, maybe has the makings of a pair of go-to pants. i went downstairs to the tailor shop. the pants were easy to alter, the shirt i tried on just so i could get her professional opinion for something i already knew.

afterwards i went to the sushi restaurant on the top floor of the chongbai department store. i thought maybe it'd be too piggish of me to eat the buffet all by myself so i just had a few plates from the revolving carousel. a plate averaged about RMB$12, a little pricey for just 2 pieces. but they were having a 35% discount, which i didn't know whether it was true or not. i ate 3 plates of sushi for just RMB$24.

i went to the supermarket next to see if they had any cheap sushi i could buy for breakfast tomorrow. they didn't have the spicy tuna which is my favorite, so i just grabbed some snacks and went back outside. XL told me she was dancing tonight, and asked me if i wanted to come, and that her mother might be there. i hesitated, but in the end, i still went. i saw XL right away, and waved to catch her attention. she told me her mother didn't come tonight. after watching her perform a few songs, i said my good byes and went home.

it's officially april and i've yet to do my taxes. it should be simple this year, but i'm still dragging my feet. i didn't finally install turbotax deluxe 2013 and imported my data from 2012. i could probably get everything done in less than an hour. maybe i'll try again tomorrow.