the first day back at work since XL and i confessed our mutual fondness for one another saturday night. it was business as usual but now we were privy to a private secret nobody else knew about. our interactions seemed more purposeful, with everything was hidden in plain sight. XL wore that dress i commented on a few months ago which made her blush.

not much else happened today. ZF made her vacation photos public, but also accidentally (or was it on purpose?) opened up all her other albums. she's the type of girl who likes having her photo taken, which is good because she's very photogenic. FXH - who abruptly left for shanghai a few weeks ago - returned to work this afternoon.

the external hard drive i ordered for mr.lee arrived today, 2TB seagate for RMB$759. he paid me in cash. i didn't count the money until later and realized he accidentally overpaid me by RMB$100, which i promptly returned. the waistcoat i ordered (RMB$88) more than a week ago arrived as well. i'd later learn (once i got back home) that it's a bit small, so i'll either have to return it or give it to somebody else. it's well made, just the wrong size.

after work XL left the office earlier than usual to catch the medium (faster) bus going back to town. she wanted to get home quick to take her mother (visiting for the week) to the supermarket. i was planning on going to the china mobile office to add money to my sim card (i found out there was no money left when the courier couldn't call my number anymore) but lihui told me he could do it online so i paid him directly to add RMB$100 using his account and credit card. so instead i went to the supermarket as well, but i didn't bump into XL. i got some barbecued chicken for the rice porridge i'd be making later tonight.

i also got a pair of shoe insole inserts. i realized yesterday that the stink that seems to everywhere i go is actually me. since i only have one pair of work shoes here in china, i wear them all the time, so they never get a break, resulting in some accumulated funkiness. hopefully these deodorizing inserts will take care of the problem.