i'm trying to reach a goal of 8 hours of sleep, which means i have to be in bed by 10pm. you may have noticed the blog went down a few days over the weekend, another injection attack, which means i've had to finally disable commenting until probably i get back to the US and spend some time debugging my homemade weblog code. if you need to say something to be, do it the old fashion way: say it to my face via e-mail.

a little busy the past few days. herbert went back home to the philippines for vacation so i've inherited all his workload. it's not that bad, being busy burns calories, and makes the day go back a lot faster. one bad thing is i don't have any free time at work to secretly work on my blog posting.

XL sat with me on the bus this morning, but we didn't do much talking, she sort of doze off after a few minutes. i did learn that she was out dancing last night from 7:00 to almost 8:30, but i didn't see her at all.

we have a new hire in our department, a 27-year old cost estimator, taking over for yuwei. it took less than a week to hire him, he was originally working in inner mongolia on a petroleum refinery project. he seems like a good guy, i'm trying not to make the same mistakes i made with ms.fu, making sure i take good care of this new employee, despite the fact that he was hired by the korean half of the consortium. speaking of which, mrs.gu told us that ms.fu will be returning to work at the end of the month. that comes as a surprise, because i was sure she was gone for good.

i didn't speak with XL in the office at all today. i was busy with my work (checking over 2.5 years worth of timesheets for construction and quality control engineers, sending out 2 change proposals), she was busy with hers. when i did mosey over to her desk in the afternoon asking her if she wanted a snack (the answer was of course no, she doesn't like sweets), she seemed kind of terse, said she was too busy. i was busy too but i don't let it affect my mood as much.

so XL stock is on the low end again. after months of hanging out, i'm not really getting any sort of interested vibes from her, maybe a flicker at most. if two people really like each other, i don't think it should be this hard. which makes me think it's not going to work out. which brings us to the big news of the day, i finally got to meet that cute new girl who started working here a few weeks ago. she's actually college friends with wu, the girl who took over lihui's cubicle space a few days ago. she came over to hang out after lunch. this is a girl i like immediately. i'm going to casually ask wu about her friend's relationship status.

after work i rushed onto the medium bus, eager to quickly leave the office and go home. i finished off the rest of my fresh instant noodles for dinner. later in the evening i made several long-distance calls to MGH, wasn't able to speak with a nurse but did get the message that they filled out my prescription on friday, and that my parents can go pick it up for me. on my second day of amlodipine besylate trial run, the last BP reading i took tonight was 140/97. still high, but lower than my typical readings. i may just survive china after all.