it's 9:35 and i'm trying to get everything done so i can go to bed by 10:00 so this is going to be very stream of conscious writing so please bear with me here. it seems like forever but XL and i finally sat on the bus together this morning. ZF did me a favor by not leaving an empty seat for me. XL and i didn't say much, and she kind of dozed off while i admired the springtime scenery unfolding outside.

last night i already decided i was going to fangdan's wedding. today i asked XL for more details. my original plan was to just attend the dinner ceremony, but XL told me in china the luncheon is more important. this throws a kink in my plan because i need to leave work by late morning, or maybe not even come into work at all until the afternoon. i also thought the wedding would be in chuanwei - where fangdan lives with her boyfriend - but turns out it's actually in ancient changshou. that was all the information i needed to ask fangdan to invite me to her wedding, happening in 3 more days. she said yes, and told me to ask XL for directions.

last night i wore the withing pulse to sleep for the second time. for some reason, there were more frequent bands of alternating light and deep sleep. how does it even know when i'm really asleep or not? maybe the fact that i'm not moving.

i took a stroll after lunch, XL was walking with some of her contract department coworkers. i noticed they tried to make an excuse to leave just XL behind when i came out, but XL wrangled LXL to come walk with us for one more lap. they returned to the office from the back entrance while i kept on walking. today was another hot day, approaching 80's, and more humid that yesterday.

i made XL a US dollar bill ring and gave it to her after i got back inside. i told her i had a present for her and asked her to guess in which hand was her prize. at first she thought maybe it was a flower i found outside. then i saw the worried look on her face and i assured her it wasn't anything alive or dead. she guessed the wrong hand but i was going to give it to her regardless. when she saw the dollar bill ring, she said she almost guessed US dollar.

i went to ask mrs.gu about overtime transportation options, and she ended up asking me if there was something going on between XL and i, since we've been seen together quite often these days. i told her we were just hanging out, and she told me about XL's good qualities. she reasoned that i wanted to see an actual chinese wedding, in preparation for my own wedding. i love how people are connecting future dots that as of yet don't even exist.

i then told mr.lee about my plan to take half a day off on saturday to go to the wedding luncheon. he said it was okay, and told me it was up to me if i was wanted to work overtime to recoup those hours, but that it wasn't necessary (i know it was a hard thing for him to say, being from a workaholic korean culture).

after work, XL ran cold again and ignored me throughout the ride home, sitting with her coworkers. after we arrived back in town, i saw them congregating together to possibly go to dinner. jealous, angry, confused, hurt, i went to the supermarket to get some instant noodle and soap. back at the apartment i ate the rest of my cold leftover fried chicken. later in the evening i made a long distance call to my doctor, asking if i could increase my HBP medication dosage, or possibly switch to a different one (diovan!). i've been monitoring my BP and it's crazy high, averaging 150/120.